Corgea Integration with Azure DevOps: Enhancing Code Security Through AI

April 29, 2024

Corgea is pleased to announce our new integration capability with Azure DevOps, providing a streamlined and efficient way to manage and secure code across development environments. This integration allows direct interactions between Corgea’s AI-powered code correction tool and Azure DevOps repositories.

Key Features of Corgea’s Azure DevOps Integration

Pull Request Automation: Corgea can automatically issue pull requests to Azure DevOps repositories to address and fix insecure code. This automation ensures that vulnerabilities are managed promptly and efficiently, enhancing security without requiring manual oversight for each code correction.

Getting Started

For detailed instructions on how to integrate Corgea with your Azure DevOps environment, as well as more information on setting up and configuring the tool, please visit our documentation portal: Corgea Azure DevOps.

Planned Enhancements

  • Pipeline Integration: In an upcoming release, we will enhance Corgea’s capabilities by integrating directly with Azure DevOps pipelines. This will enable Corgea to provide fix suggestions directly on pull requests created by developers, embedding security deeper into the continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes.

  • Extended Platform Support: Alongside our ongoing support for GitHub, we are planning to extend support to other major platforms such as GitLab and BitBucket. This expansion will allow Corgea to integrate into a wider range of development workflows, broadening our reach and usability.


The integration of Corgea with Azure DevOps represents a significant advancement in our mission to integrate security practices seamlessly within the development lifecycle. By enabling automated fixes and preparing for future enhancements, Corgea aims to improve the security posture of applications while minimizing disruptions to development workflows.

We encourage Azure DevOps users to explore this new feature and leverage Corgea’s capabilities to improve the security and integrity of their codebases.