Introducing "Corgea's GitHub App"

January 12, 2024

Corgea is thrilled to announce the launch of our new feature: Corgea's GitHub App. At Corgea, we want to make it easy for security and engineering teams to secure their source code. One of the easiest ways to do this is being able to automatically issue a patch directly into your repo with a pull-request. We developed Corgea's GitHub App to be like a developer issuing code-fixes. Customers wanted something that familiar that fits within the standard development process of most companies building software.

What is GitHub Integration by Corgea?

Our GitHub Integration is designed to allow users to automatically generate code fixes for vulnerabilities detected by Static Application Security Testing (SAST) scanners like Snyk, and Semgrep. This means developers do not need to be onboarded to a new tool, and it will feel like any other change to them. By doing this, Corgea saves engineers up to 80% of the work needed to issue a fix. Additionally, we wanted the experience to be clear and educational, so we made sure to include clear explanations for the fixes. These fix-specific explanations help engineers get everything they need in one place.

Why We Built GitHub Integration

Our motivation for developing this feature was driven by a singular vision: to simplify and expedite the process of securing your code. We understand that teams want to be efficient and secure. With the GitHub Integration, we aim to strike a balance by offering a tool that not only identifies vulnerabilities but also provides immediate solutions. They no longer have to research the vulnerability, code the fix, commit the changes, and create a pull-request with good explanations. By automating the code-fix process, we empower teams to focus on what they do best - creating innovative and robust applications.

How It Works: A Peek into the Integration

To give you a clearer understanding of how this integration revolutionizes your workflow, let's take a walk through a recent demo conducted by our very own Pratik from Corgea.

New Feature: GitHub Oath - Watch Video