Introducing: Corgea's Advanced False Positive Detection

June 12, 2024

At Corgea, we understand the challenges that developers and security teams face when dealing with SAST (Static Application Security Testing) findings. One of the most frustrating aspects is the time spent investigating false positives. That's why we're excited to announce our latest feature: Advanced False Positive Detection for SAST Findings.

Save Time and Reduce Alert Fatigue

Our new feature is designed to save developers valuable time by automatically identifying false positives in SAST findings. Approximately 30% of SAST findings are false positives if the scanner is not optimized. With Corgea's Advanced False Positive Detection, you can significantly reduce the time spent on invalid findings. False Positive findings can be seen by developers in their IDE to help them triage findings faster.

By filtering out these false positives, we also help reduce alert fatigue. Developers can now focus on addressing genuine vulnerabilities instead of being overwhelmed by a flood of alerts, improving overall productivity and code quality.

Streamline Security Team Workflows

For security teams, this feature is a game-changer. It automates the triage process, allowing teams to quickly and accurately identify false positives. Additionally, by understanding recurring patterns, security teams can fine-tune their SAST scanners to minimize future false positives.

How It's Different

What sets Corgea's Advanced False Positive Detection apart is its use of AI to understand the context of the code:

  • Contextual Understanding: Our AI analyzes the code to determine the context of the false positive. For instance, it can identify hard-coded secrets in a test suite as benign or detect if an injection attack is not subject to user-controllable inputs.

  • Broad Language Support: Corgea's Contextual False Positive Detection supports 7 different programming languages and their popular frameworks, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your entire codebase.

  • Clear Explanations: The feature provides clear and understandable explanations for why a vulnerability is identified as a false positive, making it easier for developers and security teams to trust the results.

  • Accuracy and Speed: Our solution is both accurate and fast, ensuring that you get reliable results without delays.

With Corgea's Advanced False Positive Detection, you can enhance your security processes, reduce unnecessary workload, and focus on what truly matters—keeping your code secure.

How It Works

Corgea's Advanced False Positive Detection leverages advanced static code analysis techniques combined with modern Large Language Models (LLMs) to accurately identify false positives in SAST findings. Here's a brief overview of how it works:

  1. Static Code Analysis: Our system begins by performing a thorough static analysis of your codebase, identifying potential vulnerabilities flagged by your SAST scanner.

  2. Contextual Understanding with LLMs: We then employ modern LLMs to analyze the flagged issues, providing them with all the necessary context. This includes information about the specific vulnerability, the surrounding code, and any relevant details about the codebase.

  3. Comprehensive Analysis: By combining these techniques, our AI can understand the true nature of the flagged issue. For example, it can determine if a hard-coded secret is actually benign because it's part of a test suite or if an injection attack is not a real threat due to the lack of user-controllable inputs.

  4. Accurate Results: This comprehensive analysis allows Corgea to deliver highly accurate results, identifying false positives with precision. The system not only flags these false positives but also provides clear and understandable explanations, making it easy for developers and security teams to trust the findings.

By leveraging static code analysis and modern LLMs, Corgea ensures that you spend less time on invalid findings and more time on what truly matters—securing your code.

Try It Today

We invite you to experience the benefits of our new feature. Try Corgea's Advanced False Positive Detection today and see how it can transform your security workflow. Visit to learn more and start leveraging our cutting-edge tools for your development projects.