Introducing Corgea's New Visual Studio Code Plugin: AI-Generated Fixes

June 10, 2024

We are excited to introduce a powerful new tool for developers: Corgea's Visual Studio IDE Plugin, featuring AI-Generated Fixes. This latest addition to our suite of products brings automated security vulnerability detection and resolution directly into your development environment, enhancing your productivity and code security.

Corgea In Your IDE

The Corgea Visual Studio Code plugin is a powerful tool designed to help developers automatically remediate security vulnerabilities within their code. By leveraging advanced AI technology, this plugin provides actionable insights and suggestions directly in your IDE, ensuring your projects remain secure without extensive manual effort.

Key Features

  1. Vulnerability Fix Suggestions: The plugin identifies security vulnerabilities and offers AI-generated fixes, streamlining the remediation process.

  2. Interactive Vulnerability Panel: A dedicated sidebar panel displays a comprehensive list of potential security issues, allowing for easy navigation and management.

  3. Diff Patching: Suggested fixes can be applied directly with a simple click, making it easy to implement changes without leaving your IDE.

  4. Webview Details Panel: Detailed descriptions and remediation advice for each vulnerability are provided within a rich webview panel, ensuring you understand the context and solution.

  5. API Key and URL Configuration: Easily configure your connection to the Corgea backend through VS Code commands, simplifying setup and maintenance.

  6. Login: Securely log in and manage your credentials from within VS Code, ensuring secure and convenient access to Corgea's services.

How It Works

Adding a Project in Corgea using the DropSite - Watch Video

The Corgea plugin integrates seamlessly into Visual Studio Code, enhancing your development workflow with minimal disruption. Once installed, it automatically scans your code for vulnerabilities and provides detailed suggestions for fixing them. The interactive vulnerability panel lists detected issues, and you can view detailed information and remediation steps in the webview panel. Applying the suggested fixes is straightforward with the diff patching feature, which allows you to implement changes with a single click. Configuration and login processes are designed to be intuitive, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Future Plans

Corgea is committed to expanding its suite of tools to support a broader range of development environments. In the near future, we plan to launch similar plugins for Visual Studio 2022, IntelliJ, and Eclipse. This expansion will enable more developers to benefit from Corgea's advanced security features, regardless of their preferred IDE.

Next Steps

To experience the benefits of Corgea's AI-Generated Fixes in Visual Studio Code, we invite you to register for Corgea at Once registered, you can download the IDE extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Start securing your code with intelligent, context-aware fixes today.